Our team is able to offer a tailor-made configuration (free, tethered, mobile) for numerous use-cases.
Our solution fulfils a strong need of automation of the operations, deported or not, as well as a big responsiveness and frequency of intervention.


We offer with the company DRONE PROTECT SYSTEM, partner and distributor for this market segment, a solution of surveillance of sensitive areas by drone and without pilot.

The drone permits a quicker doubt removal and can also be considered as a decision aid tool in the case of intrusion issues.

Within the framework of this collaboration, our two companies launch on the market the surveillance officer of the future.


Our autonomous solution has been thought and designed to resist to difficult transport and weather conditions.  

In free or tethered configuration, and potentially embedded on a vehicle, it offers a new response for the security of permanent or fixed military bases, it can also allow missions of tactical reconnaissance by taking away day/night and thermal sensors.


The definition of industrial or agricultural sites flying zone, combined with the embedded intelligence, the potential of our software interface as well as the large range of sensors allow the scheduling and the launch of a multitude of routine inspections…at your fingertips!

Furthermore, there are so many inspections which can be conducted at the same time than doubt removals: visual, thermal, photogrammetric surveys...


To respond to high frequency intervention needs, on many sensitives areas, our tethered solution offers a big versatility, without autonomy issues.

Transportable on a first response vehicle or on a trailer, the technician will be able directly from his seat to start a mission and inspect a determined area.


By offering a high point of view and unlimited autonomy, a secured connexion but also a big mobility and speed deployment, our solution meets the requirements of markets such as :
- Crowd control
- Firefighting
- Police operations
- ….


Our solution gives a smart alternative for temporary telecommunications issues.

Indeed, our drone can easily be used as an airborne antenna for many tasks:
- Emergency management
- Temporary ad-hoc networks
- Cellular signal coverage
- Emergency communications
- Connectivity in remote areas


SKEYETECH is specialized in mechatronics engineering with a double activity :  

1- Development of innovative drones solutions

2- Mechatronics R&D department

The SKEYETECH ' systems combine 5 big domains of expertise : mechanics, electronics, telecommunications, image processing and embedded intelligence.