The most complete and polyvalent gimbal of the market. Designed to be used with any kind of inspection drone.

FLIR VUE Thermal camera

FLIR VUE Thermal camera

The FLIR VUE pro, one of the best camera of the market, provides high quality thermal images.
The LIRYX can transmit in real-time the captured temperature data.

Laser telemeter

Laser telemeter

Thanks to the laser Lidar, the gimbal LIRYX finally offers measurement scale for your inspection pictures.
It transmits in real-time, on your display, the distance with the targeted element and permits to determine the size of identified defects during an operation.

X10 Optical zoom

X10 Optical zoom

The X10 optical zoom permits to clearly observe the details of inspected zones, and this from a distant point.
Its powerful zoom is decision aid tool.

HD recorded data

The data of the 3 sensors (thermal, optical and laser) are recorded in HD on micro-SD cards :

- The FLIR VUE has a video numerical recorder 14 bits (format MJPEG or H264)
- The 5 Mpx optical camera records Full HD videos (1920 x 1080).
- The measurement data are displayed during the inspection and are also on-board recorded. The LIRYX software can easily link the measurement data with the HD images.

Totally controllable, on all kind of vector

The cameras and the gimbal are completely controllable in real-time:

- Gimbal control on 3 axis Pan / Tilt / Roll
- Cameras control : zoom, pictures, videos, colors scale...
- Simultaneous video outputs

The control can be managed in full MAVLINK, PPM/PWM, S.BUS

Plug & Play gimbal

The LIRYX is plug & play product: Any complex configuration required.

Simply connect your LIRYX in MAVLINK, PPM/PWM, S.BUS and enjoy of all its functionalities.
If you wish, you can connect a second RC to the LIRYX to optimize the “instantaneous” inspection.

We can offer you our user friendly inspection handle CINETYC.

The thermal camera FLIR VUE can be configured by Bluetooth, directly from your mobile phone or your tablet (iOs & Android). You can also modify the colour palettes and optimize the image parameters before the take-off, it only requires a few minutes.


- Power lines inspection

- Off-shore inspection

- Engineering structures inspection

- Solar panels inspections

- Civil security

- Rescue operations

- Firefighters


SKEYETECH is specialized in mechatronics engineering with a double activity :  

1- Development of innovative drones solutions

2- Mechatronics R&D department

The SKEYETECH ' systems combine 5 big domains of expertise : mechanics, electronics, telecommunications, image processing and embedded intelligence.