The YPAX is a light drone, quick and highly discreet.

This is the perfect tool for day or night surveillance operations.

Designed by our technical department, the YPAX is the perfect demonstration of all the technological bricks of SKEYETECH.

With an X architecture, our drone is available with 4 or 8 motors for a free or tethered use (with a power cable).


Size (btwn motors in mm): 700 mm
Max taking-off weight: 4.5 kg
Max payload weight: 1.5 kg
Autonomy: 25 minutes
Speed: 70-80 km/h
Motors: T-motors 380kV
Batteries: Smart batteries Tattus 6S
Autopilot: Pixhawk 2
Parachute: Galaxy GRS 10/50 pyrotechnic
Laser: Lidar SF11/C


As each of our drones, the YPAX functions with the Pixhawk 2 autopilot, our knowledge of the Arducopter community allows us to take the advantage of the maximum of the embedded intelligence of the drone for programming customized flight modes.

Our Geofencing system, together with the data GPS, the autopilot or also those of our laser telemeter SF11-C ensure that the drone stays in its authorized flight envelope and avoid the obstacles which have been preliminarily mapped.


The YPAX drone embeds a robust camera with a very high definition.

Our sensor provides real-time color or black & white pictures, from daylight through quarter-moon darkness.
Our team stays available for each specific sensor integration.


In order to ensure the safety of persons during a surveillance mission, but also the security of the drone, we integrate a pyrotechnic parachute GALAXY. The parachute will trigger as a last resort and will stabilize the falling speed of the drone in less than 1 meter.

We also design our own reinforced electronics to guarantee an automatic activation in case of power failure and an automatic and electronic arming.


SKEYETECH is specialized in mechatronics engineering with a double activity :  

1- Development of innovative drones solutions

2- Mechatronics R&D department

The SKEYETECH ' systems combine 5 big domains of expertise : mechanics, electronics, telecommunications, image processing and embedded intelligence.